Low Carb

What is the Low Carb Diet?

The low carb diet is a diet that reduces the amount of carbohydrates, betting on the intake of other ingredients such as proteins and making the use of fat reserves as energy.

Basically, the burning of fat is induced by the reduction of carbohydrates, which are usually the main suppliers of glucose that gives energy to the cells, causing the body to seek other forms of fuel such as fat.

The low carb diet reduces the consumption of breads, pasta, sugar and desserts, and tends to favor foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, some fruits and nuts among others.

The low carb diet favors health and weight loss, is not a radical diet and allows you to maintain a taste for food and a sense of satisfaction and contentment.


Despite the quality of the low carb diet, many families end up eating a less balanced diet, based on products purchased in conventional supermarkets.

We believe that this pattern of consumption is due to several factors including:

– Unawareness of the standards of healthy eating;

– Lack of easy access to low carb recipes;

– Difficulties in quickly obtaining ingredients for low carb meals;


Grappy overcomes these problems by being a solution that presents you with a set of meals based on low carb diets, constantly updated and renewed, at balanced prices and with the ingredients you need in the right proportions.

The effects are visible at the end of the first month in which maintaining balanced diets, especially designed for you but also without a huge effort or radical cuts, ultimately contributes to weight reduction, your happiness and increased quality of life.

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