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The typical Asian foods are an attraction in themselves, often eccentric and with outstanding flavors. Asian gastronomy is very rich and is among the most appreciated in the world. The traditional dishes have a perfect balance between sour, spicy, and sweet-sour characteristics, a real roller coaster of flavors.

Our Asian kit has delicious elements, including shrimp that together with asparagus make a unique combination! See below the list of ingredients and how to prepare this Asian wonder in a simple and easy way.

Spring onions200g
Garlic1 head
White/Whole grain rice500g
Sesame Seed1

Ingredientes para 4 doses

The recipe process (Approx. 30 minutes)

1st Stage
Wash and cut asparagus by discarding the stems. Dry with a sheet of kitchen paper.
2nd Stage
Saute the asparagus in butter or margarine.
3rd Stage
Cook the rice in olive oil and garlic (peeled and chopped) adding ginger in small pieces and the scallions.
4th Stage
Saute the prawns separately in olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste.
5th Stage
Once the asparagus is browned, add it to the prawns and continue to season to taste until they are done.
6th Stage
Serve the rice and prawns (with sesame seeds on top) separately. Chop the lime and place on a separate plate to serve according to one's taste.
Not included in our kit: Butter/margarine, pepper and salt.


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